Get Out of the House and Into Nature


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October 18 2021 | Family Travel Tips


Kids playing too many video games these days? Grownups spending too much time on the couch?

Get out of the house and into the swamp with New Orleans Airboat Tours, just a 30-minute drive from New Orleans. 

You can choose between an adventure on a traditional swamp tour boat or fly through the swamp on an airboat. Both are fun but on a hot September day, the breeze you get on an airboat sure feels good.

Now is the time to get back to nature — before the alligators start hibernating. Along with gators, the swamp is filled with wild boar, nutria, raccoons, turtles and lots of cool birds, including egrets, herons, owls and even eagles. The alligators will swim right up to the boat, looking for a snack (Tip: keep your hands in your lap!)

The humans you’ll encounter in the swamp are fascinating as well. These are REAL SWAMP PEOPLE, filled with fascinating history and fun trivia about Louisiana wildlife, plant life, and Cajun culture.

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