Five Fun New Orleans-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for Families


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September 28 2023 | Family Travel Tips
Is this sweet or what? Photo courtesy of Anne Miller

One of the fun things about Mardi Gras is seeing all the group costumes – families and friends that dress according to a theme. Not only is it more fun – it’s easier to pick each other out in a crowd. We’ve seen families dress as all the characters from the Wizard of Oz, Batman villains and Avengers. And then there was the group of friends who went as cockroaches (ew!).

This Halloween, why not pick a costume theme for your family? Kids love it when their parents costume and you’ll treasure the photos forever. Here are five fun “New Orleans” inspired ideas.

1. Go as beignets and café au lait

Dad can be the coffee cup, mom a napkin holder and the kids can all be beignets.

2. Go as New Orleans characters

Draw names to see who will be your Jean Lafitte, your Andrew Jackson, your Marie Laveau, your riverboat pilot and your Satchmo.

Who will be your Jean Lafitte? 

3. Go as the ingredients to gumbo

You'll need a shrimp, a crab, an okra, a bottle of filé, a wooden spoon and a pot.

4. Go as New Orleans streets

St. Charles could be dressed as a mansion, Bourbon Street could be a lamp post , Frenchmen Street could be a trumpet and Canal Street could be a red streetcar.

5. Go as animals from the Audubon Zoo

A white alligator, a flamingo, a sea lion, a chimpanzee…someone could even go as the Roman Candy cart!

Get your kids involved and use your creativity! Let your imaginations run wild. Part of the fun of Halloween is the planning.


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