Audubon Zoo Dinosaur Exhibit


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June 11 2015 | Family Travel Tips

Dinosaur Adventure Audubon ZooDid you know New Orleans has dinosaurs at Audubon Zoo? Well, maybe not real-life dinos –but kids will feel like they’ve traveled back in time with the giant replicas. The exhibit resembles the natural habitat where the creatures would have lived when they roamed the earth millions of years ago.

It showcases many different types of dinosaurs including: Stegosaurus, Stegoceras, Elaphrosauras, Compsognathus, Citipati, Ornthiominus, Dilophsaurus, Quetzalcoalus, Coelophsis, Chasmosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Barchiosaurus, and more! The largest is the Tyrannosaurus is the largest of the collection at 43 long and the 5 foot Triceratops baby is the smallest.

The breathtaking creatures are extremely life- like; they even move and roar. While most kids will absolutely love the experience, some (especially under 5) may get frightened. It’s $4 to see the exhibit (plus the regular cost of admission. 

Watch the video to get a taste of the awesome dino experience!


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