Free Activities

Year Round!
There are many ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of New Orleans with your family free of charge, or for very cheap!

  • Walk around the Jackson Square area during the day and you'll see street performers playing musical instruments and tap dancing.
  • Check out the area right across from Jackson Square with steps leading to the Moonwalk. This area is frequented by mimes, musicians, unicyclists and more, all performing a variety of acts for the gathering crowds.
  • Watch the many artists who set up shop every day in Pirate's Alley and around the square. The artists work on new paintings and portraits, and display their artwork for purchase.
  • Visit the French Market, where local artisans set up shop andfresh fruit is sold.
  • Be sure to pass by the open air gazebo near the French Market where you will hear live jazz during the day when the weather is nice. On your way, let the kids watch pralines being made through the store windows. Try New Orleans Famous Pralines.
  • Make your way through the French Market where Mardi Gras masks and souvenirs made by local craftsmen are on display during the day.
  • Don't miss the streetcar ($1.25 person, children 2 and under FREE) on St. Charles Avenue, a historic street with big, old oak trees lining the street. The streetcar will take your family for an open air ride through the Garden District, where many beautiful mansions and their gardens are located. It's also a great way to get to the Audubon Zoo.
  • Check out the numerous city and state operated parks in New Orleans, as well as those operated by the National Park Service.

Note: Remember that parts of the French Quarter have places of businesses that are prominently R (and even X!) rated. Arrange your visit ahead of time if you plan to visit the Quarter so you can avoid these areas.

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